The Best of Emerging Tech from CES 2021

Last week we showcased some of the best product innovations generating buzz out of the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. While products usually make the highlights of the show, the spotlight shines brightest on the technology that powers them.

Most illuminating is how emerging technology evolves in the context of unchartered, innovative applications. Emerging technology trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the internet of things (IoT), and blockchain is behind some of the game-changing tech that could impact life and work in the near future.

Voice Technologies

Voice technologies are one set of AI and ML that is constantly providing more ways for people to communicate with each other. For example, mobile translation apps or Google Translate are able to help users navigate a different language in almost any situation. However, usually, these apps can’t always handle translating a full conversation correctly.

TimeKettle announced M2 Translator Earbuds at CES 2021. The software utilized for these earbuds differs from the normal translation app because each person with one earbud can select their desired language and engage in a full conversation.

The software also has Voice Activity Detection (VAD), so voice pick-up and translation are completely automatic. TimeKettle also utilizes Bluetooth 5.0, updates the earbuds for more languages or new features on its own, and translations can occur in areas without an internet connection.

In terms of how much space the voice technology can hold, the earbuds provide access to 40 languages, over 90 accents, and 12 servers. By TimeKettle’s estimations, they give translation access to 95% of the world population.

In addition, the earbuds have adaptive noise cancellation and use an algorithm to improve the quality of anyone’s voice input. Lastly, the product can also act as headphones for phone calls and music. The M2 Translator Earbuds are currently available.

The voice technology TimeKettle announced is another example of a technology that can help remove language barriers for businesses. And consumers shopping in different countries could even become more active shoppers when being able to start a conversation with a business owner who speaks a different language.

AI-Powered Diagnostics

MediWhale announced a diagnostic device powered by AI and it can predict eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases in just a few minutes.

The health monitoring device is powered by AI that uses an ophthalmic camera in addition to medical records. This device analyzes images and makes decisions and diagnoses by comparing images with an integrated database of systemic diseases.

One benefit of the “DrNoon” device is that it’s a cheaper and faster test to run than the average than a heart CT. Also, there is no common risk of radiation exposure that a CT might have.

MediWhale wants to provide a new biomarker for heart disease: “Our goal is to analyze the fundus image through AI and to present the fastest way to detect the disease through it.”

MediWhale claims “DrNoon” can achieve a 95 percent accuracy in identifying eye diseases and 84 percent accuracy for cardiovascular diseases.

The quick diagnostic technology MediWhale is working on can ultimately lead to hospitals or urgent care centers have more resources to use when dealing with an influx of patients.

Machine Learning Cybersecurity

ArcRAN announced at CES 2021 a machine learning algorithm that can help enterprises and governments to quickly respond to potential cyber threats and attacks. ArcRAN has pushed in the past the Smart City concept, which is the idea of utilizing an urban area with new electronic methods to provide services to citizens or collect data.

The newest solution from ArcRAN is committed to protecting software and hardware applications that are used in any smart facility or building and public areas. ArcRAN integrates its solution with IoT security detection APIs for tracking and scans local networks for unauthorized devices and behavior.

Their IoT Honeypot gains information and motives or tactics of attackers. Also, it can lure attackers into interacting with fake systems. 5G security is also utilized by the company both locally and privately.

Technologies relying more and more on 5G security could mean more cities adopting 5G to help assist the building of a true Smart City concept.

Blockchain Traceability

Numbers Protocol was one of 100 start-ups to be featured at CES 2021 from Taiwan. The company leverages blockchain to create The Numbers Capture app that can deal with debunking AI deep fakes and misinformation.

The app records birth information of a piece of media content and can generate a unique signature for that piece of content. Blockchain is then used to record the birth information, as well as any changes that happen to that piece of content in the future.

The Numbers Capture app also has a “PostCapture” function to create digital assets ensured by blockchain. So, for example, this function allows a way for an original image or asset to have reinstated value and security. The asset can still be shared and transferred to a new owner, but blockchain creates a level of security to prevent an asset from being tampered with.

This blockchain security technology can create a safer outlet for media outlets or even governments to release information and keep that information from being tampered with.

One-Click-Through AI Framework

IoT companies are always looking for smart implementations that can lead to faster optimization and operation of new technology.

Avalanche Computing announced at CES an AI framework that is meant to increase production speed and provide a smart implementation that requires one-click-through.

This means that Avalanche Computing’s AI framework can retrain another company’s AI model without having to change any algorithms. The framework would reduce AI project costs and deployment to other devices could occur in just one command.

From smart manufacturing to medical AI, to construction, Avalanche Computing hopes to not only increase manufacturing speed, but also add predictive maintenance, defect detection, and supply chain analysis.

New AI frameworks that are more interchangeable can lead businesses across industries to increase productivity, especially IoT companies, and save time on these types of projects in the future.

Emerging tech trends continue to play their role in revolutionizing business and enterprise in any industry and for any size of business. CES 2021 seemed to be no different from CES 2020 in continuing the ongoing trend in new technology that can assist with security, speed, and production.

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