Using Your Practice Interview Results to Empower Your Job Search

You have a unique opportunity through Appliqant’s Practice Interview: get real feedback from recruiters who use Appliqant’s platform to source top candidates, and recommendations to help you prepare for your real interview. This is an important step in empowering your job search, as you are using the same information a recruiter will use to evaluate your application. Using the recommendations from your customized report, you will stand out from the crowd when the recruiter is reviewing your application and be more likely to land your dream job.


Your Appliqant practice interview report includes:

  1. An expert analysis of your interview by a real recruiter
  2. A summary of your results and recommendations
  3. Guidelines and tips on the top things recruiters and hiring companies are looking for in an interview
  4. A list of frequently asked questions and suggested answers for the real interview


Expert Analysis


A real recruiter will review your interview videos and provide feedback on the following areas:

  • Articulation
  • Attire
  • Background clutter
  • Background lighting
  • Background movement
  • Background noise
  • Content
  • Eye contact
  • Gestures
  • Grammar
  • Language
  • Nonfluencies (e.g. “Um” and “Uh)
  • Pronunciation


Your environment matters in a video interview. Read our tips to set up the best environment for your interview on the Appliqant blog. Detailed analysis may state that you were “articulate and clear with your answers” but your “significant movement which was distracting for the reviewer.” In terms of your use of language, you may receive the feedback that your “word choices are not particularly vivid or precise” and “some of the responses were too long and off topic.”


This analysis will flow directly into your customized recommendations, which are tailored to optimize your interview and get you the best results in your job search.


Summary of Your Results & Recommendations


Your summary will begin with your overall score on a scale of 1-13. 1-6 needs improvement, 7-10 is doing okay, and 10-13 is a great performance! You will get up to 10 recommendations to improve your results, which you can adopt in your next interview to stand out from your fellow applicants.


Taking the Next Step in Your Job Search


How do you use this report in your favor in your job search? Take the practice interview a few times to really nail your questions and get your environment set up perfectly for your interview. Many of these tips will transfer into a traditional in-person interview as well, so practice makes perfect for every stage of your interview journey.


You’ve prepared your entire professional career for this interview. Now, it’s time to get the technical details and presentation skills down so you can best communicate your experience in a distraction-free environment. Follow the recommendations from your report to nail the language, gestures, and presentation skills of a talented candidate, and ensure you consider all the background details to show that you are a detail-oriented and thoughtful employee.


Take time to reflect on your responses, and read the included sample questions and answers to see how your responses compare. You can go back to watch you video again and again to review your responses and see your progress over time. We’ll keep your videos on our server, but they’ll never be shared with another party or recruiter—and you can always delete them from our servers when you’re done reviewing them.



Want to fine-tune your skills before your interview? Take Appliqant’s practice interview today.



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