Advantages of Automated Video Interviewing for Remote Companies

Recruiting the best talent for remote companies is a particular challenge, as your organization struggles to get a comprehensive view of the candidate solely through virtual interviews. Remote companies typically complete interviews over the phone and video call services like Skype or Google Meet. By utilizing automated video interview software, your remote company can supercharge its hiring to find the most qualified candidates quickly.


Interviews across time zones


If your remote company works across the U.S. (or even across the world), it is challenging to navigate timezones and find a time that works for a synchronous interview. Through automated video interviews, candidates can interview at a time that works best for them in their time zone. The interview can be taken immediately when they receive the link, schedule a time to interview later, or simply take the interview on demand via their unique interview URL.


On the other end, hiring managers can review the interview at a convenient time. Rather than squeezing interviews into an already-busy schedule, you can quickly review the top candidates recommended by Appliqant’s artificial intelligence technology between meetings or while making your morning coffee. Multiple people can review candidates’ interviews—if you are seeking input from your team, multiple people can review the interviews simultaneously or at a time that works for them.


Removing connectivity barriers


One of the biggest frustrations of remote companies and employees is ensuring a fast, stable connection throughout a meeting. This is also true for interviews, as connectivity issues on either end can sideline hiring progress. Because candidates are free to take the interview any time, they can ensure they are in a location with a stable internet connection. Further, hiring managers don’t need to have a stable connection at the same time, resulting in greater ease of completing and reviewing the interview on both sides.


Saving time & money


Not only will you save the time and money of travel expenses for a traditional in-office job, you will benefit from time savings for your company by utilizing automated video interviews. Your team can review interviews in their own time, saving you from scheduling and attending yet another meeting (as well as the productivity lag that goes along with it.) You will save time corresponding with candidates through Appliqant’s applicant management system, automatically sending follow-up emails and scheduling live interviews with you at a later time all through the application.


Check out our blog post on the cost of an interview to learn the amount your organization can save through automated video interviewing.



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