3 Critical Ways Automated Personality Assessment is Revolutionizing Recruitment

Recruiting practices haven’t changed much in recent decades: applicants apply for a position and go through several rounds of interviews with potential supervisors and coworkers. These stakeholders all individually analyze and interpret the interview based on their own experiences and perceptions. By integrating automated personality assessments, employers now have the opportunity to gain a more complex understanding of their applicants. This presents several opportunities for your business to attract the best applicants.


  1. Providing consistent assessments across the board.


If you have three people in the room for an interview, all three will have a different view of an applicant’s experience and qualifications. This is influenced by their own assumptions, perceptions, and biases. By taking those blinders out of the picture utilizing automated personality assessment, you can objectively assess a larger pool of applicants to see who is the best fit for your position.


Imagine you receive an applicant’s Big 5, Jungian, and Dark Triad personality traits measuring characteristics like openness, extroversion, empathy, and narcissism along with their application. With Appliqant’s video interview assessment platform, you will receive a comprehensive personality profile to fully understand each applicant. Combined with objective skills assessments and an optional IQ test, you will fully understand each applicant — far more than you would through a traditional interview.


  1. Matching applicants with the perfect position to contribute to your team.


Applicants often report their true personality doesn’t come through in interviews. This happens for a variety of reasons: often candidates are nervous or don’t have time to reflect on their answers to ensure they’re presenting themselves in the best way. Video interviewing allows candidates to see themselves and record their answers until they perfectly communicate what’s in their head through the spoken word.


An extrovert will thrive in a position where they’re able to interact with a variety of people. Someone who is high on the Jungian intuition scale can envision a future strategy with ease. Through integrated personality assessment, you will get a true image of the applicant to accurately match them with a position in your company.


  1. Saving you time while highlighting the best candidates for your position.


Sifting through applications and performing initial interviews takes time and often overlooks qualified candidates. Further, you can’t truly understand who someone is based on a resume and cover letter alone. Find the best candidates to fit your company’s opening while ensuring their personality aligns with the job requirements.


By analyzing personality assessments provided on Appliqant’s platform, you can ensure a candidate will mesh with the rest of the team and contribute meaningfully to their position.



Leave traditional recruitment practices in the dust. Organizational development principles tell us that personality fit is often more important than in-depth knowledge of skills in predicting a candidate’s success in their future role. Integrating personality assessments significantly increases the reliability of your hiring and decreases the costs of turnovers in your company.


Schedule a live demo of Appliqant’s video interviewing and assessment technology today to learn how our personalized packages can help you recruit the best talent.



Appliqant is an AI-infused, blockchain driven, automated video interview platform developed by the team at Quantilus.



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