SMEs with ML-Driven Online Platform


The client is a large conglomerate that includes Evoma (a leading business center that offers furnished office spaces and conference rooms in a 4-star Bangalore location) and Lucep (a mobile lead distribution application provider). 


The conglomerate wanted to offer a tech-driven solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the core customer segment for their businesses. 


SMEs play a critical role in the global economy but often struggle to access the resources they need to grow and compete with larger businesses. This includes finding buyers and sellers for their products or services, accessing talent, and securing funding. This is where the online platform comes in. 


The online platform aims to solve several problems that SMEs face, including: 

  • Difficulty in finding buyers and sellers: SMEs often struggle to find buyers and sellers for their products or services, limiting their growth and revenue potential. 
  • Lack of access to talent: SMEs may not have the resources to attract and retain top talent, making it difficult to compete with larger businesses. 
  • Limited access to funding: SMEs often struggle to secure funding for their operations and growth, making it difficult to invest in new initiatives or expand their businesses. 


The online platform connects SMEs with buyers, sellers, talent, and funding, using machine learning algorithms to match them with the most relevant opportunities. Here are some key features: 

  • Customizable profiles: SMEs can create profiles that showcase their products or services, skills, and the type of support they are looking for. This allows the platform to match them with other SMEs or opportunities that are a good fit. 
  • Personalized matching: The platform uses machine learning algorithms to match SMEs with buyers, sellers, talent, and funding opportunities that are tailored to their needs and interests. 
  • Discussion forums: The platform includes discussion forums where SMEs can ask questions, share advice, and connect with other members of the community. 
  • Resource library: The platform also includes a resource library with articles, videos, and other content that can help SMEs learn new skills and stay up-to-date on industry trends. 
  • Advanced analytics: The platform uses advanced analytics to provide SMEs with insights and recommendations to help them make better business decisions. 


The online platform offers several benefits to SMEs, including: 

  • Access to a global network: SMEs can connect with buyers, sellers, talent, and funding opportunities from around the world, expanding their reach and revenue potential. 
  • Efficient resource allocation: SMEs can easily find the necessary resources to grow and compete, saving time and effort. 
  • Improved chances of success: The platform can help SMEs achieve their goals and compete with larger businesses by connecting them with relevant opportunities and providing valuable insights and recommendations. 


The ML-driven online platform offers a valuable solution to SMEs’ challenges. By connecting them with relevant opportunities, providing access to resources and support, and using advanced analytics to provide insights and recommendations, the platform can help SMEs grow and compete in the global marketplace. 



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