Automated Video Interview Tool


Appliqant is an AI-based video interview tool that is intended to eliminate biases in the hiring process. Appliqant allows companies to interview every candidate in the process, without requiring human screening – evening the playing field and giving disadvantaged candidates the opportunity to stand out. 


Recruiters and hiring managers face many challenges in hiring that wastes valuable time. Such challenges include:

  • Unverifiable information in resumes.
  • Templatized resumes – with high degree of overlap and similarity.
  • Unreliable data – essentially based on the candidate’s self-evaluation. 
  • List includes about 25% candidates who are not really interested in or at all qualified for the job. 
  • Screening based on just the resume leads to a high risk of missing the good candidates who write poor resumes. 
  • Screening by phone is extremely high effort – for full coverage of 203 candidates (minus the 25% frivolous applications), it is approximately 37.5 hours of effort.
  • Scheduling time with the candidates in time consuming – especially those who are still employed, or in different time zones. 
  • Inconsistent skills of screening personnel – especially for skills-based or technical positions.
  • Qualified diverse candidates can get screened out through unconscious biases. 
  • Delays in screening lead to delays in hiring – companies can lose out on the best candidates.
  • Delayed or non-existing feedback cycle for candidates leads to frustration and long-term reputation-hit.


Leveraging AI and emerging technology, Appliqant works to address these challenges. Key features of the application include: 

  • Automated Video Interviews: Set up custom questions that our interview-bot will ask candidates, record their responses on video. 
  • Skills testing: Test candidates on technical or other skills with our database of questions, or use your own.
  • Personality profile matching: Get detailed personality profiles of candidates, and match profiles with job types.
  • IQ Tests: Get standardized IQ scores for entry level candidates.
  • Facial Recognition: Match interviewees with their IDs for verification and fraud detection.
  • Perpetual record and traceability of candidate interviews: Once you interview a candidate, you own the video/data for future reference.
  • Portal for candidates to review their interviews and get feedback.


Appliqant makes the process incredibly efficient with benefits that include:

  • Availability of rich, distinguishing information. The Appliqant report provides more comprehensive information than any resume can ever provide. 
  • The Video interview of the candidates showcases communication skills, personality traits, conviction and confidence or a lack thereof.
  • Recruiters can now spend 95%+ of their time on the candidates who are actually promising, rather than on the candidates who won’t get hired. 
  • Appliqant allows recruitment teams to shift their effort from screening candidates to more in-depth immersive assessments and vetting of only the very best candidates.



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