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Enter the Blockchain

Cutting edge technologies are inherently risky: evolving frameworks, resource availability constraints, and a lack of support are endemic. However, getting a head start on emerging technologies like Blockchain can be a high growth driver for your business once the tech matures. We can help you mitigate the risk of adoption through our own prototyping efforts – which will inform you of exactly what is possible given the current state of evolution, and what is still vapor-ware or hype. Our services can be classified in two broad areas:

Using Blockchain technology for practical business applications.

Business Process Definition – analysis and redesign of existing processes using blockchain constructs like smart contracts and crypto payments.

Blockchain technology platform selection – analysis and recommendation of optimal technical platform for a specific business process.

Process documentation – detailed process flows, role definitions, data flows and business rules specifications.

Process evangelism – mentoring, training and championing business process changes across the organization for efficient adoption.

Implementation including development, rollout and support – build out and deployment of rules and processes on the selected technology platform.

Implementing new Cryptocurrencies – from conception to ICO.

Cryptocurrency requirements definition – financial analysis of crypto landscape, funding requirements and potential to determine structure of crypto.

Cryptocurrency development and deployment – build out of crypto package and deployment on blockchain nodes.

Writing and publishing whitepapers – technical documentation of code and algorithms for public dissemination.

ICO launch planning and coordination – including legal analysis, feasibility studies, pricing analysis, and marketing efforts to publicize the new cryptocurrency.

Integration with cryptocurrency wallet systems, trading exchanges, and payment gateways.


Using Blockchain to Streamline the Staffing and Recruitment Process

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Eliminate Inefficiencies

The temporary staffing process today is rife with inefficiencies, and is heavily weighted against the interests of both the consultants working on projects, and the end clients who hire them. Quantilus’ Appliqant product introduces innovative process changes based on the use of the Ethereum blockchain platform to eliminate the inefficiencies and drive a fairer structure.

The issues and solutions are described in detail in our published whitepaper:

Quantilus Blockchain Ethereum for Recruitment

Benefits of the Process

  • End clients pay a fixed deterministic markup on consultant wages.
  • Candidates and end clients can negotiate wage rates directly.
  • Companies can continue to use a large network of recruiters, who are incentivized to work on their requirements.
  • Instantaneous smart contracts are generated on project acceptance.
  • Markup and commission rates for vendors and recruiters are pre-determined.
  • All recruiters are paid their share of the markup on approval of work – no more cash flow issues.


Some of the frameworks and tools that our development teams have used recently. A list that grows by the day.


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