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Project Description – eCommerce Site Enhancements and Third Party Integrations

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The Purpose

The US Postal Service is in the process of implementing a strategy to make itself the preferred shipping vendor for international eCommerce transactions. As part of this strategy we developed a comprehensive backend ordering system with robust APIs that any eCommerce website can use to add the USPS as a shipper. This allows manufacturers in the US to expand their markets globally, and provides the USPS with much-needed additional revenues.

The Tech

Given the enormous amounts of data projected by the USPS, our team picked MongoDB as the backend data store for this project.The services layer is written using NodeJS on AWS Lambda, and the APIs are exposed using AWS API Management. One major challenge faced by the team was calculating the taxes due for different international jurisdictions – this was resolved by getting and consolidating real-time data from multiple third party services. We have successfully completed the integration of these services with over 10 ecommerce merchants.