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Project Description

Appliqant - Interview Bot

Appliqant – Automated Video Interview apps. Personality, Technical, IQ Assessments by Robot.

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The Objective:

Build a platform to allow companies to take automated video interviews of job candidates. Generate a comprehensive profile for each candidate, including personality assessments, technical proficiency, and IQ scores.

Appliqant - Interview Bot
Appliqant - Interview Bot

The Challenges:

  1. Multi-platform support for interviewees.
  2. Use of emerging tech – Personality assessment using Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Scale and stability of interviews in no bandwidth, low bandwidth scenarios.
  4. Massive data collection and storage.

The simplest, most stable, comprehensive  and cost effective automated video interview apps in the world!

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The Solution:

  1. iOS, Android apps built using Xamarin. Web app is also supported on Chrome.
  2. Infrastructure setup on AWS – including S3 for video storage, Lambda functions/API Management for the services layer.
  3. Scalable, reliable database setup using MongoDB Atlas.
  4. Personality assessment using advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms.
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Appliqant - Interview Bot

The Benefits:

  1. Screen candidates with a video interview, personality evaluation and technical assessment.
  2. Spend time only on the best candidates.
  3. Stand out and differentiate submissions to clients.
  4. Reach out to more qualified candidates than ever before without growing your team.