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A technology podcast for businesses looking to innovate.

Quantilus Innovation is a technology solutions company that works with small and medium-sized businesses on implementing emerging tech to improve processes and drive growth. Services include cross-platform consumer and enterprise desktop and mobile applications, eCommerce solutions, website development, augmented and virtual reality, content management systems and so much more. Listen to the podcast to get the latest news, trends and info on emerging technologies and their business applications.


QSights Episode 9: What Is A Network Engineer And Why Your Business Needs One

Special guest and consulting network engineer at Edafio Technology Partners, Douglas Ulrich, joins us for this insightful discussion on network engineers. Find out what benefits network engineers bring to companies, what a day in the life of a network engineer may look like, how the role has changed with the shift towards remote work, and more!

QSights Episode 8: Ransomware & Cybersecurity Measures

In this episode, we explore the inner workings of cybersecurity measures and gather some tips to prevent cyberattacks, with help from Ben Ben-Aderet, CEO and Co-Founder of GRSee Consulting Group.

QSights Episode 7: Career Journey: How Cheryl Slinkard Became a CTO in Software

Special guest and Auto-Graphics Chief Technology Officer, Cheryl Slinkard joins us to discuss her professional journey in computer science and software, rising to become one of a select 10% women to hold an executive position in technology. We also explore a day in the life of a CTO, women in technology, and her viewpoints on mentorship.

QSights Episode 6: The Science Behind Deepfakes

In today’s episode, the Quantilus team discusses the science behind deepfake technology, including a deeper dive into how the now infamous Tom Cruise deepfakes were created. Are regulations necessary and on their way?

QSights Episode 5: A Glimpse Into Our Future

The Consumer Electronics Show, which is held annually in January, is a good indicator of what the world can expect from consumer technology in the near and long-term. There’s often buzz around popular categories such as TVs, computers, and gaming the show also is a forum to share future-forward concepts and products. Join us as we discuss advancements in four technologies with the potential to change the landscape for smart homes, mobile phones, smart glasses, and autonomous vehicles.

QSights Episode 4: The Ethics of AI

In today’s episode, we discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence and give our reactions to Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma. Our conversation then dives deeper into the impact of utilizing AI technology to drive engagement and results.

My First Server Episode 1: Implementing Tech Through Trial and Error

My First Server: The Entrepreneur’s Tech Journey is brought to you by Quantilus Innovation Inc. The series follows Quantilus CEO/Founder, Debarshi Chaudhury as he invites a new CEO to join him in each episode to discuss their obstacles, successes, and takeaways with implementing various technologies into their businesses. Guests span a wide range of industries, both in and outside of technology, to offer an array of valuable insights and lessons.

In the premiere episode, Debarshi Chaudhury chats with Lisa Napolitano, the Founder and Executive Director of CBT/DBT Associates and Zen Behavioral. A licensed psychologist and expert in cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy, Lisa discusses the challenges and triumphs as a business owner—from learning to navigate technology infrastructure to designing an app for her practice.

QSights Episode 3: SaaS Marketing Tools

In this episode, we explore SaaS Marketing tools (SEMrush, Canva, and Sendinblue) and how they impact small businesses. We also discuss the impact SaaS Marketing tools have on specialist roles and how these tools have transformed job roles/responsibilities.

QSights Episode 2: Trends in Health Apps

In the series opener, we discuss how Apple pushed the Apple Watch and its health features back at its September 2020 event. Furthermore, we dive into how consumers are adopting new technologies to pursue health and wellness during the COVID pandemic.

QSights Episode 1: 5 Ways to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Your Small to Medium Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an affordable and accessible resource that companies are becoming increasingly reliant on to solve various challenges. AI technologies facilitate decision-making, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and raise quality levels—all positively impacting a company’s bottom line. In this episode, we speak to Debarshi Chaudhury, Founder & CEO of Quantilus Innovation, to discuss the ways businesses can approach the integration of AI to achieve such benefits.