How an iOS Developer Can Help You Build Your Dream App

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It’s 2018 and you’re looking to take your business to the next level. Gone are the days when a well placed print ad or a responsive customer service phone number were enough to garner the attention of a global audience. Nowadays, businesses sink or swim in the virtual world. Specifically, in the arena of websites and mobile applications.

Mobile internet use has been slowly overtaking traditional desktop browsing for years, and mobile phones are the preferred method of browsing for on-the-go consumers.

When developing a mobile app, the first thing to ask yourself is, “what platform should you push your app out on?” Over 99% of the global app market is controlled by two platforms, Android and iOS. Before you go thinking that because Android controls the lion’s share of the mobile market, iOS is irrelevant, you should think again.

Developing an application that functions on both iOS and Android casts a wider net that will open up the volume of potential leads and customers for your business. And just because more people use Android, that doesn’t mean iOS should be ignored.

A skilled iOS developer can create a flawless iPhone and iPad app that will work overtime to promote your business and increase your return on investment.

But what are the benefits of having an app developed for iOS? Why should you invest time and money in its creation when the market is dominated by another platform?

That’s what we intend to show you.

Greater Opportunity for ROI

If you’re developing an application, then you want a strong Return on Investment. After all, that’s the main goal of any business venture, right? To make money.

It would stand to reason that, since Android controls over 80% of the mobile market, they would have the best opportunity for ROI. But this is one of those instances where reason and reality differ from one another.

Apple still holds the crown when it comes to paying clients. Users of the iOS platform have been proven more willing to pay for an app than those using the more open sourced Android. Android has many more free apps on its store, so its users are less likely to pay.

It also helps that the average cost of an iOS application is almost 50% lower than a typical premium Android app.

Availability and affordability help to drive an iOS application’s return on investment.

Interface Appeals to Tech Savvy Demographic

Apple regulates its application environment far more than Android. So, while developing an app on Android is infinitely easier, the more stringent iOS interface demands a higher quality of service.

At the end of the day, you want to strive for perfection when creating an application that will represent your company. To many consumers, your app will be their first impression of you and your business. As the saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. A crashing app, or one that is ill adapted to mobile settings can be akin to poor customer service.

Apple users rave about the regulations that increase the usability of their apps. The iOS platform ensures that all of its apps remain easy to use, which improves upon the customer experience. Happy customers mean positive reviews. Positive reviews lead to more sales!

Apple also attracts an audience that is more tech savvy. No one appreciates a functional and well-designed app more than a person who understands the work that goes into them.

Better Protection Against Cyber Threats

Cyber security concept. Lock symbol from lines and triangles, point connecting network on blue background. Illustration vector ios developer for apple As the world moves more toward the virtual atmosphere, criminals have taken to the digital arena to cheat and steal from unsuspecting victims. Cyber crime is on the rise with phising scams and identity theft running rampant throughout the web.

In fact, the global total of funds lost to cyber crime by 2019 is projected to hit $2 trillion.

So, right away consumers are going to be wary of any online application that wants their payment information. That’s why you have to present the safest and most secure online experience possible. Remember, if your app gets hacked and your users suffer as a result of cyber crime, it will negatively impact your reputation forever.

Luckily, Apple has always been on the forefront of security features. Their computers have often been hailed as the safest in the industry, so it comes as no shock that iOS is extremely proficient at keeping users safe throughout the entire platform.

A strong anti-virus and anti-malware shield surrounds all of the apps that are available on the iOS app store, protecting both the identities and personal data of users while also safeguarding your business’s reputation.

Higher Level of Performance

Android’s platform is spread out over a wide array of devices. While some might see that as a positive, it can also make life complicated for developers. The iOS developers don’t share such woes, as the platform is only available on iPhone and iPad products.

Android’s device list is so massive that it increases the time spent on the initial testing period. Apple’s low device load allows developers to create apps and test them in a far more efficient and speedy manner. The end result is an application that hits the market faster, fully functional and ready to go.

Apple’s Reputation

You can’t overlook Apple’s stellar reputation in the tech industry. It is one of the most well-respected companies on the planet, and apps on the iOS store still have a level of prestige not shared by its Android counterpart.

Remember, Apple started the smart phone craze with the first iPhone, revolutionizing the entire tech industry with its innovations. Apple also unveiled the iPad, starting the industry wide rush to develop tablet functionality.

Consumers know this, and Apple’s amazing reputation and presentation shine through in their app store. Some of that luster will rub off on your company through nothing more than association.

In Conclusion

A skilled iOS developer is worth their weight in gold. From increased security to a high return on investment and brand recognition, it would be foolish to overlook the effect Apple still has over the mobile app market.

That’s not to say that Android should be ignored. Develop your app for both platforms to reach the widest audience possible.