5 Brands That Successfully Entered the Metaverse

Metaverse Shopping

Experience the rapid ascent of the metaverse from an abstract notion to a tangible possibility, with tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Tencent leading the charge. Explore how this virtual world, born from the concept of a decentralized internet, aims to replicate our physical reality.

Decentraland vs Sandbox: Comparing the Metaverse Platforms

Decentraland vs Sandbox: Comparing the Metaverse Platforms

The metaverse has been a hot topic of late. As tech giants announce plans to build their own metaverses and pour millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars into the emerging virtual worlds, consumer interest is spiking. Unbeknownst to some, there are some metaverses already available to the public. Two of the leading metaverses currently accessible […]

How Businesses Can Leverage the Metaverse


The metaverse is full of opportunities. Developers have promised exciting and engaging features that users will experience in the virtual world, including shopping, traveling, and attending concerts. There is also an array of opportunities the metaverse offers businesses that can boost revenue and expand their digital presence. To find out how companies can leverage the […]

Emerging Tech Trends from CES 2022

CES 2022

Photo Credit: Consumer Technology Association Since its inception in the 1960s, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a portal into the future, highlighting the latest cutting-edge technology. Like CES 2021, most of CES 2022 was virtual, but that did not deter companies from showcasing their latest products and findings. Product innovations shifted from 2021’s […]

10 Things to Expect in the Metaverse


While we are not entirely sure of everything that will be available in the metaverse, some educated guesses are more likely to come to fruition than others.

The Role of Virtual Reality in the Metaverse

Man wearing VR headset exploring the metaverse.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWONbsUIXco Since virtual reality was introduced to consumers, it has primarily been marketed as an innovative and fresh way to play video games. The most popular headsets tout their ability to level up the gaming experience, including Facebook’s Oculus, HTC’s Vive, and Sony’s PlayStation VR.  Throughout the past few years, there has been a shift […]