Top 9 Technology Jobs in Demand for 2021

The state of jobs in technology has been booming for a long while and, despite the repercussions of COVID-19 on the job market, 2021 looks to be no different. The IDC, a research consultancy, currently projects the technology industry to see a 4.2% market increase in 2021, with global revenue increasing by roughly $2 trillion. And the IDC is still expecting that rate to continue through at least 2024, estimating a 5% compound annual growth rate.


The slight difference with the job market in technology entering 2021 is possibly seeing a higher demand for engineers who specialize in machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI). This trend is in part due to the continued shift to increased automation across many industries. So while the tech job market is still healthy, the most desired skill sets are slightly shifting. Here are nine technology jobs in demand for 2021.


1. Software Developer


Market Growth: 22% from 2019-29

Versatility and creativity are two words that define what a software developer’s role should strive for and the path someone can take to become a software developer. While computer science (or computer-related) and mathematics degrees are encouraged for those looking to get into software development, online resources and other learning systems that teach coding can provide a path as well. Keep in mind some of the skills or knowledge in high demand for software developers include JavaScript, SQL, HTML/CSS, and Python.

Just about every industry is in demand for more software developers, and 2021 is expected to see that trend continue.

2. AI & Machine Learning Engineer


Market Growth: 344% from 2015-18

Machine learning engineer was one of the fastest-growing tech jobs during the 2010s. Part of the reason is the growing interest in incorporating AI and ML into business applications across various industries. One valued skillset of the ML engineer can use big data to develop models that can forecast economies, develop natural language processing tools, or build IoT technology. 


3. DevOps Engineer


Market Growth: 24% from 2019-24

Increasing productivity is the DevOps Engineer’s leading role, which is accomplished by keeping the engineering and coding processes cohesive. If the software is inefficient, the DevOps Engineer is responsible for troubleshooting and ultimately getting the software to where it needs to be to run smoothly. One positive for this position in the current job market that has shifted more towards the remote office is that companies are more inclined to bring on DevOps Engineer to work remotely.

Unlike a software developer, a minimum of a computer science degree is recommended for this career path. Program knowledge of JavaScript, Linux, Python, and more are also recommended.


4. Data Analyst


Market Growth: 11% from 2014-24

Even with the growing use of AI and ML to sift through large data sets, data analysts are still seeing demand for their skillsets heading into 2021. In some cases, data analysts are encouraged to work with AI systems to find patterns and assess new solutions. The position is also almost industry agnostic as providing ways to increase business efficiency by searching through thousands and thousands of data sets is valuable for any company looking for an advantage.


5. Web Developer


Market Growth: 8% from 2019-29

Black Friday saw a 22% increase in online sales when compared to 2019, so the need for a web developer that can help any sized business with eCommerce or mobile applications probably won’t slow down anytime soon. A college degree is not always needed to become a web developer though relevant work experience is required. Like the software developer position, there are tons of online resources to get a better understanding of coding and graphic design. Knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is highly recommended and understanding frameworks such as jQuery and Bootstrap. Being comfortable with GitHub and design software are also encouraged.


6. IT Manager


Market Growth: 10% from 2019-29

In some cases, an enormous responsibility of keeping business productivity and workflow at a high rate has fallen on IT departments worldwide as the challenges of the remote work environment have become more apparent. An IT manager who can handle both remote workers and in-office workers is a plus going into 2021.

An IT manager who is always looking for solutions to improve IT systems and can adequately manage their team is still encouraging, more so now. Expect to see this market grow as businesses continue to shift to digital platforms.


7. Database Administrator


Market Growth: 10% from 2019-29

A database administrator is in charge of securing, organizing, and maintaining a business’ databases. This position is more common at educational institutions and insurance companies and is occasionally more client-facing than data analysts. 

Security is also a huge priority for any database administrator as a vulnerable database can be detrimental. 2020 also saw a 60% increase in cybersecurity budgets, so the database administrator is a growing puzzle piece of any company’s security web. With companies on the continued move to a more extensive reliance on data, there’s no reason to think this position won’t continue to grow moving forward.


8. Design/Mechanical Engineer


Market Growth: 4% from 2019-29

Inventing and developing new products or systems is becoming even more of a need as companies find themselves needing to adapt to hybrid or remote work environments further into 2021. Also, mechanical engineers play a huge role in healthcare right now as the need to develop new ways to deliver drugs and design new ventilators has increased. Design engineers also have flexibility in choosing what type of industry situation they want to work in.


9. Mobile App Developers


Market Growth: 8% from 2019-29

Almost every company across any industry has had to rethink what their mobile application needs to offer to its users. Healthcare providers are continuing to adjust their mobile applications’ user experience to help with telehealth visits, manage prescriptions, and make payments. Restaurants are continuing to find new ways to get their food to customers safely and efficiently. And, of course, retail companies that were more reliant on brick and mortar outlets had to find ways to increase online sales.


At the center of all these use cases and many more is someone with a mobile app developer’s skillset. Similar to web developers, mobile app developers need to have a portfolio to stand out and show the required technical skills.


2021 is still facing uncertainty. However, technology job opportunities are growing for those looking to bring problem-solving, creativity, and innovation to industries and businesses worldwide.


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