How AI Video Interviewing Can Drive Your Customer Service Recruitment

Whether you are hiring customer service representatives, retail store workers, telecallers, or any other customer service role, your company can benefit from implementing AI video interviewing in your recruitment process. These customer-facing employees have some of the biggest challenges and highest turnover rates in any industry. Recruiting them can seem like a particular hurdle for HR managers and workforce solutions providers.


Backed by artificial intelligence measuring attributes like extraversion, openness, and agreeability, AI video interviewing allows employers to connect with the best talent quickly while saving your organization time and money. Let’s dive into the benefits of utilizing AI video interviewing for customer service recruitment.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

The emergence of new technologies in the recruiting space has been met with plenty of skepticism over the years. However, the advantages of this new technology far outweigh the fear of AI’s ability to understand and analyze human behavior. Utilizing AI video interviewing in recruiting brings many benefits for organizations in every industry. These include:

  1. Saving time by automating tasks
  2. Standardizing assessment across the board
  3. Improving the candidate experience
  4. Decreasing turnover and hiring costs

For a nonprofit organization, small business, or startup, the cost of a bad hire could be the make or break point for their company. With the average cost of a hire ranging from $20,000 or more, the stakes are high to recruit the best talent as quickly as possible.


Getting the right personality fit

Finding employees with the right personality fit for their role and work environment allows employers to maximize the impact of their time spent recruiting. This ensures they will work well with the rest of their team and be able to fulfill their job obligations with ease.

Tools such as the Big 5 OCEAN, Dark Triad, and Jungian (also known as MBTI) personality assessment are automatically included with Appliqant’s video interviewing system. Research already suggests that high extraversion, openness, and agreeableness are critical for success in customer service roles.


Decreasing turnover

Customer service roles experience one of the highest employee turnover rates of any industry. Facing turnover rates up to 45% (compared to the U.S. average of 15%) means HR managers will spend even more time recruiting talent for their organizations. Investing in automated interviewing means you will find the right employees the first time.

AI video interviewing will increase the number of applicants who complete in-depth initial interviews and put the best candidates right in front of you.


Saving time and money

Companies stand to lose a lot by hiring the wrong person, so having AI video interviewing can let you review prior to offering a position provides an invaluable benefit. Losing an employee six months into the position due to a bad personality fit or other problems means your HR manager is spending more time finding talent for a single role.

The average cost of employee turnover is 6-9 months of an employee’s salary. This means if you have a single position paying $30,000 per year, you could be losing over $20,000 by losing an employee. Imagine if you had five open positions… you can do the math.


Candidate Accessibility

Video interviews can be completed in candidate’s own time on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Candidates no longer have to take a day off work or hide behind a veiled “extended lunch break” or “doctor’s appointment” to attend an interview. Particularly working in customer service arenas, it is difficult for potential employees to step away from their work to attend an interview.


What’s Next

The ultimate goal of integrating AI video interviewing is to have a virutal interviewer lead a natural-feeling interview for every candidate. The machine will be able to speak to a person and evaluate their skills and personality accurately every time.

AI technology is currently learning how to evaluate changes in a person’s expressions based on verbal and visual clues. This mimics the way humans form opinions about people, looking at their facial cues and body signals to understand their mood and disposition.


By utilizing AI to analyze automated video interviews, we are revolutionizing the recruitment industry to reduce waste in time and resources and bring you the best quality candidates for every position.

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