Best Practices: 6 Important Things to Include on Your Company Employment Portal

With the use of technology the way businesses conduct their operations is changing drastically. There are six things that should be included in the online employment portal so that information is easy to find.


1. Value and Culture


When a person wants to visit a company’s website to learn more about them the first thing they should read is about the company’s value and culture. This will allow them to get a feel for what the company is all about and can help a person make a decision if they want to work for them or not.


2. Diversity Statements


All companies need to include a statement that shows that they are an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate against their current or potential employees.


3. Job Openings


Many people head to the online employment portal to find information about current positions that are looking to be filled. These positions should be listed on the website. If the company is not currently hiring they can still accept resumes for they have candidates for future potions. The application forms online should be easy to use and there should be a space where a person can upload their resume.


4. Benefits


Current employees will head to this site to find out information on their benefit package. This can also give people that are looking for a job an idea of the benefits they may get. The company needs to list if they offer health or dental insurance, sick days, paid holidays, any retirement accounts, and other perks for working with them. This will make the company more attractive to potential employees.


5. Networking Links


Many businesses have a presence on at least one social media site such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and other site. This will allow a business to become engaged with candidates and build a strong reputation. This will also allow them to share job openings to make sure they get the candidate that is best qualified for the job.


6. Newsletter Signup


From time to time companies send out newsletters about their latest happening and their new employment opportunities. On the portal there should be a place where a visitor can sign up to receive the newsletters.


Stay Up-to-date! highly recommends these 6 important things that all employers should have on their portal. This information will allow a person to have up to date information about the employment opportunities and what the company is offering to its workers.



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