Objective and Subjective Assessments

Test student competency across multiple subjects using objective questions and subjective essay-type questions.

Big Data Assessment Reporting

Consolidate and drill down on millions of test scores near-instantaneously using big data technologies.

Rich Content in Multiple Formats

Video, audio, interactive animations, ebooks. Our platform supports content delivery in multiple formats.

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The Four Pillars of Online Education

Live Classrooms

Our model is predicated on live online video streaming classrooms. Teachers are available 24/7 for support and help to solve specific questions or to explain difficult concepts. This is essential to allow for the dissemination of knowledge to students and groups who would otherwise not have access to high quality education.

Objective Assessments

Education initiatives are incomplete without proper assessment technologies. Our data bank contains tens of thousands of objective questions drawn from expert sources in multiple subjects. These can be used by educators to test students across a variety of parameters - and allow for impartial, analytical scoring.

Essay Type Question

Essay type questions are a test of pure understanding of concepts. These can be included in all assessments - for textual or verbal answers. We convert verbal answers into text, and run auto-evaluation and plagiarism checks on submitted answers for easy validation. This makes it easier for educators to broaden the scope of their tests without increasing workload.

Real-time Analytics

Scoring and analytics on all assessments are instantaneous. We use Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and other in-memory databases to ensure that all the data that is collected can be put to use. Content and assessments can constantly evolve and improve based on our assessment reports. Reports can be provided to teachers, administrators and parents.

Live Classroom Sessions

Online teachers teach hundreds of students simultaneously on the Edukate platform. Teachers are available 24/7 for assistance on problems and concepts. This leads to complete democratization of education - students have access to quality teachers at any time and from any location. Local availability is no longer a factor.

Learning and Assessment Content

We have sourced content and questions from expert sources around the world. This is aligned with standards and ensures consistently high quality. In addition to the Common Core, we also incorporate more advanced standards like the Advanced Placement curriculum, especially for Math education.

Multi-Platform Delivery

Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Phones, Tablets we support it all. Content is delivered on multiple platforms, and assessments can be taken on all of these platforms as well. This removes all barriers to entry for students - who can access our content from their phones or the local library. If there is internet access then there is Edukate!

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