The Priciest NFTs Ever

Priciest NFTs.

2021 Has has been an explosive year for NFTs, resulting from the increased interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. With NFTs now being sold in the millions of dollars, the time to create and sell NFTs has never been better for digital creators. 


To better understand just how much creators can potentially earn from their work, we compiled a list of the most expensive NFTs ever sold. It is important to note that NFTs can take many forms and are not restricted to digital art pieces. For example, the list below features an eclectic mix of art, music, tweets, and memes. New formats of NFTs are cropping up regularly, pushing the boundaries of what is considered an NFT. In theory, as long as the content can be digitized, it can be considered an NFT. Did your favorite NFT creator make the cut? Find out below.  


1) Everydays: The First 5,000 Days by Beeple…$69.3 Million 

Not only is it the most expensive NFT ever sold, but it is also one of the most expensive pieces of artwork in history. Bought for a whopping $69.3 million, “Everdays: The First 5000 Days” is another piece of art created by Beeple. The collage is comprised of 5,000 original images created by Beeple, showcasing his growth as an artist throughout the years. 


2) Cryptopunk #7523…$11.8 Million 

In total, there are 10,000 Cryptopunks which are algorithm-generated pixel avatars, each unique with varying characteristics. The most expensive Cryptopunk ever sold, happened recently on June 23, 2021. The selling price was an astonishing $11.8 million. Cryptopunk #7523 is commonly referred to as “Covid Alien” since it is pictured wearing a mask.  

Although it was created in 2017, “Covid Alien” fits in perfectly with our current climate as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


3) Cryptopunk #3100 by Matt Hall and John Watkinson…$7.58 Million 

The second alien Cryptopunk on this list is #3100. Aliens are the rarest Cryptopunk as there are only 9 in existence. This alien is wearing a white and blue sports headband and sold for $7.58 million, making it the third most expensive NFT of all time.  


4) Cryptopunk #7804 by Matt Hall and John Watkinson…$7.57 Million 

The next Cryptopunk to appear on this list is #7804. It sold for $7.57 million and is a blue alien wearing a brown cap and smoking a pipe. Keep reading to find out where other Cryptopunks land on this list. 


5) Crossroads by Beeple…$6.66 Million 

Crossroads was created by renowned digital artist Beeple and contains political messaging. The image features a larger-than-life Trump laying face-down in the grass. Written across his bare body is a slew of negative words and names. 

However, there was another version that would have been sold had Trump won the 2020 election. That version would have illustrated Trump sporting a crown while marching through fire.  


6) Doge by Atsuko Sato…$4 Million 

The most expensive meme NFT to ever sell is the image of Doge, an excited-looking Shiba Inu. The photo of Doge first appeared in 2010 when the dog’s owner, Atsuko Sato posted the picture to a blog. The image quickly turned into a meme afterward and more recently became associated with the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. 


7) The First Tweet Ever by Jack Dorsey…$2.9 Million 

The CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sold the first-ever Tweet, which also happens to be his very own Tweet. The Tweet dates back to March 21, 2006, and says, “just setting up my twttr.” Following the $2.9 million sale, Dorsey converted the payment to Bitcoin and donated 100% of the sale to the non-profit, GiveDirectly’s Africa Response. 


8) Cryptopunk #6965 by Matt Hall and John Watkinson…$1.54 Million 

Cryptopunk #6965 an ape (rare for Cryptopunk, as they are usually humans). For reference, of the 10,000 Cryptopunks, only 24 are apes. This ape is adorned with a brown fedora and sold for $1.54 million. 


9) Genesis Estate by Axie Infinity…$1.5 Million 

Blockchain video game, Axie Infinity, set the record for the largest digital land sale recorded on the blockchain. The nine plots of Genesis land were sold to a player of the game named Flying Falcon for $1.5 million. There are a total of 220 Genesis ‘land plots’ in the game, making them the rarest type. 


10) Cryptopunk #4156 by Matt Hall and John Watkinson… $1.3 Million 

The last Cryptopunk to make an appearance on this list is #4156 and is similar to #6965 (number 8 on this list) in that both are apes. Cryptopunk #4156 sold for $1.3 million and the ape avatar sports a blue bandana.  


11) Auction Winner Picks Name by 3LAU and Slimesunday…$1.33 Million 

This collaborative project was created by DJ and music producer 3LAU and digital artist Slimesunday. Included in the NFT are a dance song and an accompanying music video. Additionally, the buyer got to name the song, all for a mere $1.33 million. 


Looking Ahead 

Cryptocurrency experts are currently debating if we are experiencing an NFT bubble, with some claiming that the current prices for NFTs will soon drop drastically. However, with investors continuing to snatch up NFTs at sky-high rates and cryptocurrency rising in popularity, there is no definitive answer…yet. 



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